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Frequently Asked Questions

Because no site can exist without this page.

Are you verifying your data with other sources?

Uh, no. This is purely a fun site for me and other Toyota Prius owners. Betcha it’s still more accurate than the government’s official numbers, though.

Oh, so I can type in 999 mpg 40 times...

If you really want to, go for it. But I'll let you in on a secret: We check and clean the database. Automatically. Lots. So if it helps you get through the day, by all means, type in that your car got 999,999 mpg last month.

Do you work for Toyota? Doing marketing for them?

HAH! I wish. No, this is just for fun. No one’s paying me.

Do you own a Prius?

Well, yeah. A 2008 Prius, fully loaded, black. It’s the niftiest thing since World of Warcraft.

Will you do a project like this for my multi-billion-dollar car company?

If you insist. Visit my company’s site at www.portentinteractive.com.

Can I buy advertising?

Absolutely. I’ll cheerfully sell space on this site in exchange for cash. E-mail me at ian AT portentinteractive.com.

Current Average

45.60 mpg
Based on average mileage in our database for all model years of the Toyota Prius. How about you?

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