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How and Why

PHP, standards and all that jazz..

First, this site is not really a business. I run my own internet marketing company, as well as a pretty busy internet marketing blog. I have enough to do.

Sure, like anyone who stakes out a little turf out on the web, I hope this site will collect millions of pageviews, letting me relax at home while the cash rolls in. But I'm not holding my breath.

So I don’t store any personal information about you. No cookies, no IP addresses, etc.. My most excellent hosting provider, MediaTemple, does store a bit for analytics purposes, but it’s not tied to the information you enter into the Prius mileage database.

I built this site using MySQL and PHP. Nothing fancy.

I also used Blueprint.css, which is why this site bears an alarming resemblance to the unaltered stylesheets from that great project.

Best part: As I write this, this site is about 99.9% standards compliant. Click the fun little sticker at the bottom of the page to see if I’ve managed to keep that up.

Current Average

45.60 mpg
Based on average mileage in our database for all model years of the Toyota Prius. How about you?

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