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Toyota Prius: My Unhealthy Obsession

My newfound miles-per-gallon compulsion.

Six months ago, I bought a Toyota Prius. At first, it seemed like a nice idea: Good mileage, lots of great features (like the iPod plugin I'd always wanted) and a car that’s so ugly it’s cool.

The first week I had it, I noticed how Prius owners smile at each other in parking lots and wave at traffic lights. It’s like being in a club.

Then I started noticing other things: How I wanted to creep away from traffic lights so I could stay on electric power as long as possible. The way I'd slam the car into ‘B’ to charge the battery faster at every opportunity. I even started checking my tire pressure every week.

I knew I'd gone over the edge, though, when I did a search on Google for advice on improving my car’s mileage from a paltry 42 mpg to something better (!!).

Thus was this site born. I’m not the craziest person I know. I bet there’s a lot of you out there, trying to figure out whether you get the best mileage or not.

Here's your chance. Fill out the form on the home page and you'll see your mileage compared to all other Toyota Prius-es, as well as your model year. Once I have enough data, I'll include regional comparisons and mileage, too.

Thanks, and enjoy.

Ian Lurie

Current Average

45.60 mpg
Based on average mileage in our database for all model years of the Toyota Prius. How about you?

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